Agriculture Applications

When it comes to agricultural equipment, you rely heavily on the machinery that helps you get the job done. Don't let your chain be the weak link when it comes to keeping your operations moving. Drives® offers high-quality, high-value chain you can depend on.

Reliability In the Fields

Drives® manufactures a complete line of agricultural chain for combines, spreaders, etc. Our products are manufactured to the OEM specifications for maximum strength and wear life.


The experts at Drives support farmers and agricultural equipment manufacturers by providing strong, reliable chain for even their toughest jobs. With the expertise of our engineers and the careful selection of materials, we are able to build chain for everything from hay balers and tractors to combines and cultivators.

Reducing Downtime

We understand the need to stay up and running and the cost that comes along with unwanted downtime to fix your equipment. Operating in rural locations and outdoor conditions can put extensive strain on your machinery and even extend the time needed to acquire the right equipment to make a repair. That’s why our engineering and agricultural chains are built to last.


Using Drives Chain by Timken can extend the life of your equipment and give you peace of mind.

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