Engineered Class Chain

Drives® Chain by Timken is engineered to provide optimal performance for specific applications, serving various machinery used in agriculture, food and beverage, and heavy industries.

Agricultural Attachment Chain

Drives is the leader in agricultural attachment chains for both major OEMs and in the aftermarket.

Bar and Pin Chain

Bar and Pin chain is used in a variety of applications, from conveyors such as stacker reclaimers to tensioning linkage. In some cases, the pins and bars are selectively induction-hardened for improved wear life.

Engineered Class Offset Drive Chain

Drives offers a selection of Engineered Offset Drive Chains. These chains are used in drum drives and large sprocket applications in the construction, sugar mill and food industries.

Roller Conveyer Chain

Roller Conveyer Chain is made of top quality carbon steel and heat treated for extended service life. Our engineers design conveyer chains to operate in a variety of applications and industries.

Pintle Chain

Pintle chain is used in applications that convey bulk product like salt and sand spreaders, manure spreaders or live bed trucks. These chains are manufactured with a minimum backing distance for improved wear life, and the open-back design allows product to be pushed out of the chain joint to prevent stiff joints.

Specialty Chains

Drives offers a variety of specialty engineered class chains for those unique customer applications.

Steel Bushed Chain

Carbon and stainless steel bushed conveyor chains are designed without a pre-rotating roller for applications in which the chain will be exposed to an environment that would cause a roller to seize, or in applications such as bucket elevators in which a roller provides no advantage.

Welded Stainless Steel Chain

Drives produces Welded Stainless Steel Chain for horizontal, incline and vertical conveying applications that operate in a corrosive environment.