Roller Conveyer Chain

Drives® Engineered Class Roller Chains, including our complete 81X product offerings, are manufactured with premium quality alloy steel and heat treated and tempered for extended service life. Built with solid rollers for smoother engagement with sprockets, these rollers rotate freely reducing pulsation in conveyers. 81X chain can be supplied in sizes ranging from 125 foot through 600 foot reels.

81X Product Offerings


  • Manufactured premium alloy steel
  • All components heat treated and tempered for extended service life

Solid Bushings and Rollers

  • Improved wear life
  • Smooth engagement with sprockets
  • Rollers rotate freely reducing pulsation in conveyer


Heavier Sidebars

  • 23 percent more bearing surface for conveying product
  • Increased sidebar thickness on the roller link plate allows for welding to the inner link plate

Through-Hardened Pins

  • 20 percent higher tensile strength and resists bending under high shock loads

Solid Bushing and Rollers

  • Smoother engagement with sprockets
  • Rollers rotate freely reducing pulsation in conveyors
  • Improved wear life

81XKD, 81XHKD, 378RX, 3000HKD CHAIN

  • Minimum twist in each direction is 4 degrees and the maximum difference in twist from one side to the other is 12 degrees
  • Minimum camber in each direction is 2 inches and the maximum difference in camber from one side to the other is 4 inches
  • Special alloy pin material with nominal hardness at 45 HRc (provides strength in higher temperature operations and greater wear life performance) for wallboard/dryer applications
  • Alloy bushing material (provides strength, durability and wear life) for wallboard/dryer application
  • Nominal lateral plate clearance at 0.06 inches (with increased pin length requirement) provides tolerance for heat expansion/contraction and accommodates for misalignment of the hangers. Delivers non-binding chain operations in higher temperatures/longer cycle board systems.
  • KD series manufactured with increased clearance between sidebars to prevent stiff joints under elevated temperatures. Special rust inhibitors available.


Hard-chrome-plated pins possess standard steel’s metallurgical properties for toughness and strength while delivering an extremely hard wear-resistant pin surface. Extended LIfe CHP chain pins resist wear longer than standard heat-treated pins, even in dry and abrasive environments.

  • Outstanding wear and shock load performance at the same temperature ranges as standard carbon steel chain
  • No reduction in working loads or operating speeds
  • Exceptional pin wear resistance reduces chain elongation and can increase wear life up to three times over conventional premium chains under like conditions

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