Caterpillar Drive Chain

Caterpillar Drive Chain is essential in driving drop forged chain conveyors. It provides high fatigue life and is designed to perform flawlessly with forged rivetless chains.

Our Caterpillar Drive Chain features all ballized plates to ensure a maximum bearing area for optimum press fits. This improves fatigue life and working loads. We use wide waist link plates with maximized ball heights to improve stress distribution resulting in increased fatigue strength and reduced vibration.

The use of through-hardened pins that are micro-ground and shot-peened provides the maximum pin-to-bushing surface contact for extended wear and protection from unpredictable overload. Hardened hook cotters are used to resist shearing and hold their place in the most rigorous applications.

Our one-piece forged drive dog is induction-hardened in the chain contact bearing area for wear resistance. The balance of the drive dog is through-hardened for strength and durability. The entire assembly is designed to operate in combination with the drop forged rivetless chain.

Special hardened hook cotter key is standard.

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