Precision Roller Chain

Our chain is your powerful link to higher productivity. Our entire range of precision roller chain and attachment chain exceeds the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Precision Roller Chain

Our full range of precision roller chain can optimize your chain performance resulting in increased uptime and reduced maintenance costs.

Corrosion Resistant Chain

If your power-transmission or conveyor-chain application requires resistance to moisture, corrosive agents, or extreme temperatures, look to us for the corrosion resistant chain products that best fit your needs. The chain you receive will help provide the dependability, reliability and productivity that makes us a leader in the production of power transmission and conveyor chains.

Drives Element Maintenance Free Chain

Drives Element Roller Chain delivers more than 2.5x wear life compared to competitors, reducing downtime and saving money

Extended Life CHP® Chain

Extended Life CHP chain is easily interchangeable with standard ANSI chain and demonstrates outstanding wear and shock-load performance. Our exceptional pin wear resistance can increase wear life up to three times more than premium chain.

Specialty Chain

Drives® Chain by Timken is offered in select specialty chains for those unique applications.

EZ Chain Tools

Drives manufactures EZ chain tools including the EZ Chain Wear Gauge®, EZ Breaker and the EZ Chain Rack® to help determine when your chain needs to be replaced and ease chain installation.

API Chain

Roller chains used in the oil and natural gas industries are is subjected to some of the highest shock loads and harshest operating conditions. We produce our Oil Field Energy chains with the same attention to detail that goes into all of our products, but these chains are also subjected to performance testing in accordance with the latest API (American Petroleum Institute) Specification 7F7.