API Roller Chain

We produce our Oil Field Energy Chain with the same attention to detail that goes into all of our products, but these chains are also subjected to performance testing in accordance with the latest API (American Petroleum Institute) Specification 7F7. Available in sizes  80 through 240 including heavy series and multi-strand width up to 8 wide.

API Chain Features:

  • Wide-waisted link plates for improved fatigue strength
  • Ballized link plate holes for improved fatigue strength
  • Through hardened pin for improved fatigue strength
  • Solid bushing and rollers for improved wear life
  • Special hook cotters for sizes 80 through 180 and T pins for sizes 200 and 240 for improved link plate retention
  • All chain preload is above the ANSI 30% of tensile strength for minimum to no initial stretch of the chain

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