Extended Life CHP® Chain

Drives Extended Life CHP chain features chrome-hardened pins that provide an extremely hard, durable surface to decrease the wear between the pin and bushing. This reduces chain elongation and can triple the wear life over conventional premium chains.

Extended Life CHP chain directly interchanges with precision roller chain with no reduction in working loads. From dry, abrasive environments to elevated temperatures, Extended Life CHP chain provides outstanding wear and shock-load performance.

We manufacture Extended Life CHP chain in single- and double-strand sizes 40 – 240.

Extended Life CHP Chain Options:

  • Corrosion-resistant finishes for side bars, bushings and rollers
  • A full range of standard attachments
  • Riveted or cottered pins depending on size

Chain is available with:

  • CHHD – hot-dip lubricated for optimal chain wear life
  • CH – rust inhibitor for those customers who do not require hot-dip lubricant

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