Our BL12 to BL20 large pitch leaf chain is built with high tensile strength and maximum wear life. We know leaf chains are often supplied to a customer specific length. Our plant’s central location allows us to respond quickly and ship orders to the required length.

We realize starting with the best materials means higher strength and more durability. Our leaf chain materials are sourced and manufactured in the United States with high-quality alloy steel pins and carbon steel link plates. All components are heat treated to optimize hardness and ductility.

Drives® Chain by Timken Large Pitch Leaf Chain Demonstrates High Strength with exceptional pin retention:

  • Wide-waist link plates resist bending
  • State-of-the-art designed tooling optimizes chain performance by controlling pitch tolerance and hole quality
  • The ballized pitch hole surface finish improves the wear surface between the link plate and pin
  • Press fit middle link plates for improved pin retention on select sizes
  • All leaf chains are date coded to allow for traceability

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