Silver Shield CR® Chain

Silver Shield CR® chain offers increased corrosion resistance when applications are subject to high-moisture or mildly caustic or acidic environments. Our standard heat-treated carbon-steel components coated with the zinc-based Silver Shield CR protection provide extended corrosion resistance. Increased reliability and an inventory of multiple sizes are available to help your operations experience less downtime.

  • Specially formulated coating offers superior corrosion resistance in high-moisture environments and washdown applications
  • Fewer chain replacements result in lower total cost of operations
  • Maintains same working loads as carbon-steel chain
  • Fully interchangeable with carbon-steel ANSI chains
  • Full variety of sizes including precision attachment chain; custom engineering-class and customer specific chain available
  • Available with chrome pin for increased wear life due to a reduction in the rate of wear between the pin and bushing
  • Has higher corrosion resistance than nickel-plated chains

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